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Regulated Organ Market

"If we are concerned about reducing the abuses of the black market for human kidneys, we should favour the legalisation of kidney markets, not their continued prohibition,"  Taylor, 2006.
One of the most 'heated' topics in the organ trade dialogue is the question whether we should (or should not) legalize organ sales. One of the first reports written about this issue states the following:
Bellagio Task Force
"The Bellagio Task Force weighed all these considerations and found no unarguable ethical principle that would justify a ban on the sale of organs under all circumstances. It also  appreciated that a prohibition on sale might well cost would-be recipients their lives and infringe in important ways on the autonomy of would-be sellers. Outsiders may not be in a position to make decisions for those who may have to choose between grinding poverty on the one hand  and the sale of a kidney on the other." The Bellagio Task Force Report on Transplantation and the International Traffic in Organs. Transplantation Proceedings 1997;29:2739.
Further reading
We encourage those who want to develop a full understanding of the human organ trade, including its prohibition, to read the pros and cons that surround this debate. Below we have listed articles from various countries and disciplines that argue for and against a regulated market.
If we are missing important articles, please let us know.
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