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Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children

The Hague, The Netherlands >

The Rapporteur is Mrs. C.E. Dettmeijer-Vermeulen. Her main task is to report on the nature and extent of human trafficking and sexual violence against children in the Netherlands, and on the effects of the government policies pursued. The reports contain information on relevant regulations and legislation, as well as information on prevention, criminal investigations and policy recommendations regarding human trafficking, including human trafficking for the purpose of organ removal.

The Rapporteur's staff member, Mr. Luuk Esser advises the HOTT project research team, among others on the legal elements of human trafficking and the relationship between human trafficking and organ trafficking.

Research findings in the HOTT project are shared with the Rapporteur.

In 2012 the Rapporteur released a report about trafficking in human beings for the purpose of the removal of organs and forced commercial surrogacy.

International Symposium

21 November 2014

Europol, The Hague,The Netherlands

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