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Renal Foundation

Chisinau, Moldova  

The Renal Foundation is represented by Natalia Codreanu, who is co-author of the literature review.

(Fundatia Renala) is a non-governmental organisation that aims to promote safe organ transplantation in Moldova and to prevent kidney cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It was established in 2006. The Renal Foundation develops scientific studies on prophylactic measures of renal disease, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, formulating practical recommendations. The Foundation also collaborates with numerous public international organisations, human rights organisations and national institutions on tackling and preventing organ trafficking in the region.

It has, amongst others, founded the National Referral System (NRS) to register victims of organ trafficking in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). It conducted the project on the “Identification of victims of trafficking in human beings with the purpose of organ removal and prevention of human trafficking cases” together with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the IOM. The Foundation recently implemented a project on “Prevention of organ trafficking and treatment of kidney donors” in collaboration with the Community Organisation “Justice in Society”, USAID/IREX Moldova and the IOM.

International Symposium

21 November 2014

Europol, The Hague,The Netherlands

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