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General information

On 21st November 2014 the international symposium, "Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Organ Removal" took place at Europol Headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands.
The EU-Anti Trafficking Coordinator opened the event and project's researchers shared their study results. In addition, presentations were given by a documentary filmmaker and by prosecutors and police investigators about prosecuted cases.
Aim and goals
The aim of the meeting was to inform key stakeholders about the incidence and nature of the crime. The goals and objectives were:
• To share evidence-based research results;
• To create partnerships between law enforcement and health professionals;
• To provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge on how to combat the crime.
Target Audience
The symposium was open to all interested parties including police services, judicial authorities, intelligence, prosecution, anti-human trafficking experts, human trafficking rapporteurs, law enforcement and crime analysts, human rights NGOs, international organizations, EU officials, health organizations, transplant professionals, transplantation societies, media: 240 participants from 35 countries attended.
Experts that convened at the meeting are now drafting recommendations. These will be published in the HOTT project book.

International Symposium

21 November 2014

Europol, The Hague,The Netherlands

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