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Transplant brokers in Israel lure desperate kidney patients to Costa Rica


The brokers maintain they operate legally and do not directly help clients buy organs. Dodging international condemnation and tightening enforcement, they have nimbly shifted operations across the globe when any one destination closes its doors. They lured foreign patients to Costa Rica from 2009 to 2012.

These brokers were among the central operators in Israel’s irrepressible underground kidney market. For years, they have pocketed enormous sums for arranging overseas transplants for patients who are paired with foreign donors, court filings and government documents show.

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Because of religious strictures regarding death and desecration the deceased donation rates in Israel are so low that some patients feel they must turn elsewhere. Read more about this here, in the article 'A Clash of Religion and Bioethics Complicates Organ Donation in Israel'.

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