With the financial support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme
European Commission - Directorate General Home Affairs

Project Meetings

Our regular, six-monthly project meetings were held to discuss and evaluate our ongoing work.
Final Project Meeting 15-17 October 2015
Lund, Sweden
6th Project Meeting 23-25 April 2015
Sofia, Bulgaria
5th Project Meeting 22 November 2014
The Hague, The Netherlands
At the 5th meeting in The Hague - upper row, from left to right: Martin Gunnarson, Marian van Noord, Mike Bos, Ninoslav Ivanovski, Frederike Ambagtsheer, Jordan Yankov and Assya Pascelev; bottom row: Jessica de Jong, Linde van Balen, Mihaela Frunza, Willem Weimar and Ingela Byström (not on photo: Susanne Lundin, Natalia Codreanu and Igor Codreanu).
4th Project Meeting 25 April 2014
Cluj, Romania
At the 4th meeting in Cluj - from left to right: Martin Gunnarson, Mihaela Frunza and her husband (not HOTT-related), Susanne Lundin, Frederike Ambagtsheer, Ninoslav Ivanovski, Willem Weimar, Jordan Yankov, Jessica de Jong and Linde van Balen (not on photo: Assya Pascalev, Marian van Noord, Ingela Byström, Michael Bos, Natalia Codreanu, Igor Codreanu).
3rd Project Meeting 22-24 November 2013
Juan-les-Pins, France
2nd Project Meeting 19 April 2013
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Kick-off meeting 3 November 2012
Taormina, Italy
From left to right: Maria Zardoya Martinez, Martin Gunnarson, Frederike Ambagtsheer, Jessica de Jong, Susanne Lundin, Assya Pascalev, Marian van Noord, Ingela Byström, Michael Bos, Natalia Codreanu and Igor Codreanu (not on photo: Willem Weimar, Ninoslav Ivanovski, Mihaela Frunza)

International Symposium

21 November 2014

Europol, The Hague,The Netherlands

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